Choose Custom Materials And Features Before Having A New Deck Installed On Your Residential Property

Posted on: 25 December 2018

Whether it is a warm, comfortable evening or a crisp, winter night, enjoyment can be shared by you and your spouse by having a new deck installed that contains a built-in spa and firepit/grill combo. Choose to have a few steps installed that lead to the spa so that the water feature is separate from the rest of the outdoor space and select an area on the main decking for a seating area that is arranged next to the firepit/grill combo.

What You Envision Can Become A Reality

Your new deck can be customized with intricate details, sturdy railings, lattice-like wall panels, and modern features. The outcome of your new addition all begins with your perception of what a deck should look like and the personalization that will make the outdoor space appealing for you and your partner.

What type of material do you think would complement the spa and firepit/grill combo? Knotty pine or rich cherry beams are some rustic options, but you can also choose pressure-treated lumber if you want an economical material and aluminum if you are interested in a material that won't heat up as much as a wooden surface.

Choose a railing style. There are anchored railings that contain a top and bottom piece section. The bottom section will be anchored directly to the deck so that the railing will remain stable. A singular piece railing system is another option.

If you are going to want a couple different ways to access the deck, then multiple points of entry should be added to the design. An entryway by the spa and another one by the firepit/grill combo will make it possible for you and your spouse to utilize the deck without needing to enter from a sliding glass door that is attached to your home or walk around the perimeter of your yard until you are able to gain access to an entry point. 

Sealant And Non-Slip Covers Are Both Useful

If you choose a wooden deck and railing material, sealing the materials will prevent them from rotting. Since you are going to have a water feature included with your new deck's design, you need to take into consideration that water will spill onto the deck's surface at some point. A sealant will need to be reapplied every couple years.

Non-slip covers are additional materials that you may wish to purchase. Mats with a gripped surface or fabric covers that can be installed over the railing will prevent you from slipping when it is raining outdoors. Also, be sure to purchase furnishings that are non-flammable since you are going to be creating a seating area next to the firepit/grill combo. 

For more information, reach out to a deck installation contractor in your area.