Buying A PVC Fence? What To Know About Selection And Care

Posted on: 18 September 2018

Did you recently buy a home with a nice backyard, but it is not fenced off? If so, you might be reaching out to local fencing contractors to have a new fence installed to border your property. When you are narrowing down your fencing materials to make a final decision, one material you should not forget about is PVC fencing, also known as vinyl. Here is what you should know about selecting a PVC fence, as well as caring for it once it's installed.

Fencing Selection

The great thing about PVC is it comes in a variety of different styles that can match the existing decor of your home's exterior. For example, if there is existing architecture in the form of wide columns that box in your home's front porch, you can select PVC fencing that has a similar style with wide posts that help tie the two together in terms of the style. PVC fencing also can be manufactured in a variety of different colors. If you have a few colors that make up your home, such as the vinyl siding, you can pick one of them for a PVC fence. This will also help tie the fencing material into the house.

On the other hand, you may want a color for the fence that is more practical with your lifestyle. Dark colors are going to hide dirt and grime that can get on the fence, rather than a light material that is going to show everything. You'll spend less time having to clean the fencing material to keep it looking good over the years. Dark colors also work well with pets that may be jumping on the fence, or children that are playing near it.

Fencing Maintenance

You'll be glad to hear that a PVC fence requires minimal maintenance after it is installed. When it comes to cleaning, the surface just needs to be wiped down with soap and water to remove visible dirt from the surface. You can prevent the fence from getting dirty by trimming plants that could be growing next to the fencing material and rub against it. It is also a good idea to not store items next to the fence, such as your kid's bikes, which can rub and scratch the surface. While PVC doesn't require sanding and staining to keep it looking good, it also means that you cannot sand down the material to remove any flaws.

For more information, contact your local PVC fencing services.