How Much Will Your New Fence Cost?

Posted on: 22 July 2018

Installing a fence around your property comes with an initial investment. How much your new fence will cost depends on a variety of factors. Get an estimate from your fencing contractor to find out what your new fence will cost and use this guide to help you learn what will go into your fencing expenses.

Length of Fence

How long is your fence going to be? Will it encompass both your back and front yards, or just be surrounding one portion of your landscape? Since fences are installed by the foot, the length of your fence will determine much of the fencing cost.

Type of Fence

There are many types of fences to install on your property, from vinyl to chain link to aluminum or even steel. The type of material you choose for your fence will impact the final cost.

Some fencing materials take longer to install than others, which will also impact the overall cost of your fence. Talk to your fencing contractor about different fencing options, so you choose the best material for your budget.

Where You Live

Where you live determines the cost of fence installation as well. Compare what your neighbors have paid for their fences and visit a home supply store to see what your new fence will likely cost you.

Custom Fencing

If you want a custom fence or wish to have an ornate or custom gate installed on your property, expect to pay more for your fence than you would if you chose a standard fence for your install. This is because custom pieces, including ornate shapes or specific coats and seals, add additional fees in labor and construction to your fencing project.

While you don't have to customize your fence, if you have the budget to make your fence more reflective of your home's personality and you want a fence that stands out from your neighbors, the investment in customizing your fence is worth it.

Time to Install

The longer a fence takes to install, the more labor you'll have to pay for. The exception to this rule if your fencing contractor gives you a hard bid or a bid that tells you how much your fence will cost to put in, including materials and labor, no matter how long the fencing takes. Hard bids are sometimes preferable to custom estimates, so ask your fencing contractor what their hard bid and actual estimate for your fencing project is before you decide.

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