Tips For Choosing A Fence For Your Trampoline

Posted on: 18 May 2016

Adding a trampoline to your property is great fun for your kids, but it comes with hazards. Your main goal is likely safety, so you want to make sure that no one gets on the trampoline without your knowledge or supervision. This is where a good fence can come in handy. The following tips will help you choose the right fence to put around your trampoline.

Tip #1: Pick the right height

The most basic rule for choosing the height of the fence is to pick a height that a child can't easily climb over. If a child can't reach the top of the fence while standing on the ground, it will be very difficult to pull themselves over. This is why many people opt for 6-foot or taller fences. You also need to check with your local municipality and homeowners association to see if they have a required minimum height around trampolines. Finally, call your home insurance agent, since they may also recommend a height, or even require one for coverage.

Tip #2: Make it hard to climb

Some fence materials are harder to climb than others. Vinyl fencing offers a perfectly smooth option with no obvious footholds, while wood panels come in a close second. Make sure all cross supports are installed on the inside of the fence so they don't provide climbing aid on the outside. Chain link is the worst option since it is relatively easy for even small children to climb.

Tip #3: Don't make a point

With a trampoline you must also consider safety from above. This means skipping the pointed pickets or any other type of decorative fence cap with a point. One bad jump off the trampoline could lead to a major injury if the person landed on the pointed end of the fence.

Tip #4: Secure the gate

The gate will be the weakest point in your trampoline security. Make sure there are no large gaps on the sides or underneath that a child could squeeze through. You may also want to install a lock on the latch, or at least one that is too high and too complicated for a child to operate easily. If you go for a lock, just make sure it is left unlocked whenever the trampoline is in use. Gate alarms are another option that will let you know if someone is accessing the trampoline.

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