Four Signs Vinyl Fencing Might Be A Great Choice For You

Posted on: 22 January 2016

If it's time for a new fence, vinyl is one material that you should certainly consider. Vinyl fences come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and they are quickly gaining popularity. Here are four signs that vinyl fencing might be the ideal choice for your home.

You want a fence that will last.

If you're looking for a fence that will last for years and not need to be replaced again, vinyl is a great choice. Vinyl fences will last for decades. This means you won't have to scramble to replace the fence before you sell your home. Wood fences don't last as long – most fences need to be replaced after 10 – 15 years. The long life expectancy makes up for the slightly higher cost of vinyl fencing compared to other options.  

You don't like doing maintenance.

With most other types of fences, there is some sort of maintenance involved. Wood needs to be stained and weatherproofed. Metal needs to be treated for rust and corrosion. Vinyl, however, does not need any maintenance at all. If it starts looking a little dirty, you can spray it down with the hose or a power washer. However, even if the dirt is left in place, it won't cause the fence to break down or wear out any faster.

You have a pet or kids.

There's really no safer choice for kids and pets than vinyl fencing. It does not splinter, so you don't have to worry about pulling wood slivers out of little hands or your dog's paws. Also, since you don't have to treat it with insecticides, waterproofing chemicals, or the like, you don't have to worry if your child or pet decides to lick of chew the fence.

You want to create a pristine-looking yard.

Wood, metal, and other common fencing materials might start out looking great, but they start showing wear and tear pretty quickly. Vinyl, on the other hand, stays looking like new for years as long as you hose it off. This leads to a more pristine-looking yard that will impress your neighbors and raise your resale value.

If you're looking for a safe, attractive, and long-lasting fence, vinyl is the perfect choice. Talk to a fence company in your area to learn more about the types of vinyl fences that are available. From pickets to solid panels, there is sure to be one that meets your needs perfectly.