How To Decorate Your Gate For Halloween

Posted on: 4 September 2015

If you have a house that is encircled by a fence, then in order to have trick-or-treaters come up, they are going to need to go through a gate. You want to make sure that the gate does not dampen any of their youthful glee, so it's best o make sure that your gate is well-decorated. Here are some tips for decorating your gate for Halloween.

1. Cover the Bars With Garbage Bags

If your gate is not already black, make it black by covering it with black garbage bag strips. This can be done by take a garbage bag and cutting it into strips that are a little bit more than double the width of one of your bars. Once you have a piece of garbage bag that is the appropriate size, use clear packaging tape to adhere the bag to the bar. Do this for each part of your gate to make it look spookier within minutes. You want to use black garbage bags rather than black paper because paper can get wet and fall off quickly, whereas garbage bags will be able to withstand any type of weather.

2. Put Pumpkins On the Posts of the Gate

Go to the grocery store and purchase small, pumpkin shaped gourds. Hollow them out from the bottom, rather than the top, using a sharp knife and a sturdy spoon. Then, place the gourds on top of each post of the gate so that all of the sharp points are covered by a seasonal vegetable. Doing so will allow you to keep kids from getting hurt on any sharp tips while keeping your gate looking festive.

3. Add LEDs

Finally, take a string or two of orange, battery-operated LED lights and wrap them around your gate in order to draw attention to it. This will make it easier for trick-or-treaters to find the gate immediately, rather than stumbling in the dark for it. It will also give your fence a spooky glow and illuminate the gourds on top of it. If your lights keep slipping down, use a little bit of clear packing tape to hold them in place. Tape the battery packs to the side of the fence and cover them with a plastic bag to keep them dry.

Although a fun holiday, Halloween does have a dark side. If your fence or gate is damaged by pranksters, contact a company like Morris Fence Co for repairs.