Considerations To Make When You Are Fencing In Your Garden

Posted on: 20 August 2015

If you have a garden, you may want to consider fencing it in. Putting a fence around your garden will give you a clear boundary where the garden is obviously separated from the rest of your yard. It will also help you to keep some types of pests from getting into your garden, like deer, neighborhood dogs and rabbits. If you are thinking about fencing in your garden area, you want to think about some of the considerations in this article so you know you are installing the right type of fence.

Make sure your garden continues to get enough sunlight

If you are going to fence in your garden, you should make sure sunlight is something you think about. You shouldn't go with a wooden fence, unless you are going to put it well around the garden area. If a wooden fence is too close to the items you are growing, it will cause the sunlight to be blocked and this can affect the health of the items in your garden.

A wooden fence will also make it so you can't enjoy the view of your garden from your yard or home. A chain link fence would give your garden a border and allow you to enjoy the garden from a distance. It also allows you to see if you have birds or other pests in the garden that you should be shooing off.

Choose the height of the fence wisely

If your purpose for installing a fence is more about creating a visual border, then you would do fine with a short picket fence. This is a fence you can see through and that adds a nice look and an airy, cheerful vibe to the garden.

If you are putting a fence up to keep out pests, then the fence should be a tall chain link fence. This is a fence you can still see through and one that protects the garden from many types of animals. Having the fence installed deeper in the soil can provide added protection from pests that can dig under fencing.

When you are consulting with a professional fencing company, such as Sarasota Fence Inc, let them know all your reasons for putting the fence around the garden. This way, they are aware of any special considerations they need to make when they are installing the fence, such as how deep to put it, how far it should be from the garden or whether special materials should be used.