Use These Privacy Fence Etiquettes To Prevent Disputes With Neighbors

Posted on: 19 August 2015

A privacy fence does just what its name means – it gives you privacy in your home. However, it can also be a constant source of quarrels with your neighbors. Here are four tips for fence etiquette to help you prevent such disputes.

Observe Boundaries

If you don't want to risk tearing down your fence soon after putting it up, then you should be careful where you install it. Even without the risk of tearing down the fence, you will still have to deal with irked neighbors if you go slightly over your property line. In fact, as a good neighbor, don't put your fence exactly over the line – make it a small distance inside. Your property's plat (survey drawing) should help you with the boundaries.

Put Best Face Forward

Many fence materials, such as wood, have good and not-so-good sides. You may not be breaking any rules by having the best side of the fence on your side of the garden or house, but it isn't nice. Be a good neighbor by letting your neighbors have the best side by having it face their gardens or the street. If you don't want this, then shell out a few extra dollars and buy fencing materials that are uniformly finished; that way everybody will be happy.

Use the Appropriate Materials

In most places, homeowners' associations (HOAs) determine the type of fence (including the material) anybody can put up. Even if your HOA rules include aren't strict, it's common etiquette to choose something that goes with your neighbors choices. After all, if the tables were turned, you wouldn't want one neighbor to ruin your beautiful neighborhood by erecting a fence that is the odd one out.

Maintain Your Fence

Even with the best fence installed, you will still be the talk of your neighborhood if you don't maintain it well. Keep it clean, ensure all the posts (or rails) are there, and paint it regularly if it is a painted fence. Don't just focus on your side; it is your responsibility to ensure that both sides of the fence are properly maintained. Also, fences don't last forever; there comes a time when piecemeal repairs aren't enough to maintain the fence. Therefore, you should be ready to replace the fence when this time comes.

Most of these are things that you won't have problems with if you use a professional fence contractor from the beginning. An experienced contractor has installed enough fences to know common causes of dispute. Consult a contractor to help you plan for a fence that will not only give you privacy but also keep you in the good books of your neighbors.

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