Three Ways To Keep Bugs Away From Your Wooden Fence

Posted on: 18 August 2015

Wooden fences can certainly be beautiful – when they're not attracting bugs. To keep bugs like carpenter bees, ants, and termites from taking up residence in your fence, follow these three steps.

Keep Weeds Trimmed

Don't allow the weeds near your fence line to grow tall and bushy. They'll trap moisture near the fence, making it more appealing to various insects. Use your trimmer every time you mow to keep weeds down, and if you're having major issues with tough weeds growing directly near the fence posts where they're hard to trim, spray them with a universal herbicide. Similarly, do not let fallen leaves pile up near your fence in the fall, as they cause similar moisture issues.

Fill Knots and Holes

Some insects, like wood bees, will create their own holes in a fence to build their nests. Others prefer to build nests in holes that already exist. Plus, these holes sometimes accumulate moisture when it rains, making them a good breeding grounds for insects like flies that need a moist place to leave their larvae.

Invest in some wood putty, and use it to fill the holes in your fence. You can even make your own inexpensive wood filler by mixing standard white glue with enough sawdust to form a paste. Pack it into the holes in the wood and smooth it off. Survey your fence for new holes about once per month, so you can catch and fill them before the bugs have a chance to invade. If you see any loose knots, it's probably best to just pull them out and fill them, rather than wait for them to fall out.

Seal It

An unsealed fence is more appealing to insects that feed on and bore into wood – like termites and carpenter ants. Purchase a good wood sealer at a home improvement store, and wait until there's a dry day. Apply a generous coat to your fence, and follow the instructions on the package in terms of reapplication. Many manufacturers will recommend reapplying the sealer every year to two years.

By following the tips above, not only will you keep bugs away from your fence, but you'll also make the fence last longer. Remember that consistency is the key to success here. If any boards are badly damaged, you may want to have them replaced rather than continuing to fill the holes and seal them.

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