How To Repair Cedar Fences

Posted on: 18 August 2015

Cedar is one of the most durable woods for exterior fencing. It is ideal because it can be easily weatherproofed and it is not susceptible to termite damage. However, any exterior fence can be damaged and worn out. Cedar is a soft wood and this makes it easy to repair and restain. Here is how to patch and stain holes in a cedar fence.

Sanding the Hole

Holes, scratches, dents and dings should be sanded before they are patched. If you leave the surface too rough, the patch will not stick well to the damaged area. Lightly buffing out the surface with sandpaper will make the patch more effective. Since cedar is such a soft wood, you can easily sand it with medium grit sandpaper. This paper usually has grit between 60 and 80. The higher grit (80) paper is better for smoother fences. However, if your cedar fences has a rough texture, so you should use 60 grit or lower paper.

Patching the Hole

Use exterior wood putty to patch holes in your fence. Small holes can be quickly filled by just spreading the putty with your finger. However, you will need to use a putty knife to spread it over large holes. Try to spread it so it fills in the entire home. Scrape away the excess so the patch is as flat and smooth as possible. You will not be able to make the patch perfectly smooth. Then, wait for the patch to dry before you sand it to smooth it out further. If you are patching multiple holes, you should consider using a vibrating power sander to speed up the process.

Staining the Patch

Once the patch is dry, you need to stain it so it blends in and matches the fence's original stain. However, even if you use the same exact brand and color of stain, there is a good chance that it will not match. The fence can fade over time so it can be nearly impossible to get the new stain to look natural. This is why many people decide to stain the entire plank or (if they are ambitious) the entire fence. Restaining your fence will not only give it a more uniform color, it will also add another layer of protection.

Cedar fences are very low maintenance. However, a little bit of care and attention can ensure that your fence lasts even longer. Click here to learn more about cedar wood fencing.